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Billboard has been compiling a list of the 200 songs and storing them as billboards for the past few decades. Billboards advertisement has been on the street as early as 1944. The billboards are familiar often referred to as an announcement or storing in the American history. The advertisement took another diversification from being the "most played" to the "best sellers". The billboards use the SoundScan and BDS technology which since 1991 made the song remain top ranked. The modernisation of the music industries and also the revolution of the fans the Billboard charts was termed the "billboard hot". The billboards have become the authority in the music industries and the determinant of the success of many of the artist.

The Billboard publishes different charts: 100 hot, billboard 200 charts being the famous. In the Billboard 200 chart, you will meet the following types of music styles: rock, catalog albums, dance, jazz, comedy albums, R&B, rap, pop, classical, bluegrass, Christian music, electronic, country, Latin, and even ringtones for mobile/cell phones.

The billboard since 1991 took a new course where the top single/ album/ artist who topped the Billboard 200 was awarded in the annual Billboard Music Awards.

We at are always first and eagerly waiting for the release of the coverage of a new album by the billboard. Our billboard 200 chart is updated by looking at the results from a Friday to Thursday cycle. The: airplay determines the songs that make it to the Billboard 200 chart- you can bet that if your favourite song is continuously played on the radio, the song will make it on the Billboard 200 chart, social media and stream of albums, or single songs are monitored by the billboard from twitter, youtube, Spotify, and even music websites such as, and finally for your favourite song to make it on the Billboard 200 chart, the Billboard uses the Nielsen SoundScan to track any album of music sale in the United States and Canada.

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Billboard Top 200 Songs List

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