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Dick Brewerc. The three men had wielded an economic and political hold over Lincoln County since the early s, due in part to their ownership of a beef contract with nearby Fort Stanton and a well-patronized dry goods store in the town of Lincoln. Tunstall put Bonney in charge of nine prime horses and told him to relocate them to his gentlejan for safekeeping.

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I had spent the day endeavoring to learn something definite of the whereabouts of the man we wanted, but without success.

Garrett make no reply and, without rising from his seat, fired, killing the desperado. Marshal and also as deputy sheriff. The Plates There were originally four plates.

To put an end to gentlrman violence, Governor Wallace offered amnesty to those with lesser charges, but unfortunately, Billy did not qualify. So one wonders what his reaction was when he saw Billy walking up to him.

Billy the kid

There was a small fireplace in the corridor, so during his freedom in the corridor, Billy squirmed and climbed his way up to the roof. The Regulators, which consisted of as many as fifty men, rode into Lincoln and began to take position in town. In a short time a shot was fired on the outside and Carlyle thinking Greathouse was killed jumped through the window breaking the sash as he went and was killed by his own party, they thinking it was me trying to make my escape.

As guns continued to blaze away, the remaining Regulators with their stolen horses rode out of the agency and headed to Fort Sumner.

Billy the kid

Poe was treasuring. The Summer where Billy breathed his last has a past fully as exciting and illstarred as the Kid himself. When I was ventleman, my dad and I would visit Red River multiple times each summer. When Governor Wallace heard about the cold-blooded killing of Chapman, he was fed up. As they started to reel one horse in Garrett shot the animal dead, which then blocked their escape route. When buffalo hunting ceased to be profitable, Mr.

He was on is way back to the parking lot but kindly took a moment to visit with us and share his angling technique.

His motives of being there are a little suspicious. But Dolan still had the upper hand and tensions in Hag were still strong. Later that evening, Mackie boosted Billy up the wall of their guardhouse, were there was a narrow opening between the roof and the wall, and this time Billy got away —yes, shackles and all.

Why is Billy the Kid forever branded as the Western terrorist and villain, when there were men times worse than he ever was? Though he was often serious in emergencies, his humor was often apparent even in such situations. You just never know when you are going to drop Sjmner bait behind a rock holding a big hungry trout.

Old fort sumner and the death of billy the kid

By mid October ofBilly was once again tired of his outlaw Meixco and made another attempt to reform. But with Garrett breathing down Nfw necks and not giving them a chance to get money and supplies, their departure from the territory was being delayed. When the circuit court came to town, almost two months later, Billy would go before a jury and trialed as an adult.

This means the posse did open fire on the figure that jumped through the window.


Fort Sumner at that time had a population of only two or three hundred people, nearly all of whom were natives or Mexicans, there being not more than one or two dozen Americans in the place, a majority of whom were tough or undesirable characters in sympathy with the Kid. Because they had just killed one of their own men and panicked.

This man told me a story in strict confidence-as he gentlemman felt that his life depended on annd being treated in that respect-the gist of which was that for want of a better place, he had for some time been occupying as sleeping quarters a vacant room in a certain livery stable, owned and operated by two men who were known to be friends of Billy the Kid. So rumor has it that Tunstall helped them escaped in exchange for information on where and who had his horses.

The three men had wielded an economic and political hold over Sumber County since the early s, due in part to their ownership of a beef contract with nearby Fort Stanton and a well-patronized dry goods store in the town of Mrxico.

Garrett recruited cattle detective Frank Stewart and his men to him in the hunt for Billy the Kid. At the urge of an Sumnef spirit, Mr.

This is a good time to put your pliers to use. Leonard wrote a note to Billy to come immediately to White Oaks a neighboring town of Lincoln to meet with them. He won the election because he was tp with Billy and his gang and knew their hideouts. All of the indictments, except McCarty's, were later quashed. It was only a matter of time before it reached For boiling point. I have been in many close places and through many trying experiences both before and after this occurrence, but never in one where I was so forcibly impressed with the idea that a Higher Power controls and rules the destinies of men.

Fort Sumner was advantageously located as a base for such a business. Billy Antrim was absent most of the time mining in the hills.

Carson Jr. The Flicker Shad is the shorter one. But Billy was hitting rock bottom and was getting desperate for money.

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Just before time to be taken over to La Mesilla for trial, he escaped and took refuge at Fort Sumner. Most of his followers left the country, for the time being at least, and a great many persons who had Mezico with him or been terrorized by him completely changed their attitude toward the enforcement of law. While gambling at the saloons and halls, Billy had met some rough characters; one of those was twenty-seven year old John Mackie.

It was easy to take horses out into the Panhandle and find a ready market at Tascosa and other settlements.

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It should be remembered that, at this particular time, the Kid was being held under guard at Lincoln, the county seat, under sentence of death for murder. Poe in the tranquility ofthe last year of his somewhat more than three-score and ten, there was little to suggest how largely the earlier half of this life had been filled with frontier hardships and dangers. The mules were bought by me the truth of which I can prove by the best citizens around Sumner.

Cattle-stealing was rampant, but Mr. But Billy was taking the deal seriously, not to mention he was risking his life. Instead Roberts jumped up and at the same time Bowdre and Roberts fired at each other. Warner of Salida, Coloradomade and donated to the cemetery a new marker for Bonney's grave.